9 Agriculture Business Ideas in 2023

Pakistan is an agricultural country where more than 60% of the population is still directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. As a result, agriculture makes a significant contribution to Pakistan’s economy. However, Pakistani farmers’ circumstances may be better. But over time, Pakistan’s agricultural industry is seeing the emergence of one startup after another, greatly assisting farmers.

The most interesting thing is that this startup makes millions while helping farmers. In agriculture, there is no shortage of the best business that can earn you big money. Before we discuss which farm business is superior, you should be aware that there has always been a need for it. With that in mind, let’s start by going through some specific agriculture business ideas.


Agriculture Business Ideas

1. Plant medicine agriculture entrepreneurship

If you are interested in farming, you can do herb farming as the demand for them is very high and the supply does not match the demand. And why do farmers seem to know so little about it?

Agriculture involves the cultivation of a plant utilized in herbal medicine. Because of the current trend of people turning more and more to herbs or Ayurveda, Corona’s demand has greatly expanded since its introduction.

Because the majority of farmers still practice traditional farming methods, you will surely make a very significant profit if you produce therapeutic plants. In such a situation, if you have a farm, then you can use this opportunity to grow medicinal plants on it.


2. Fertilizer distribution

Farmers feel the need to evenly distribute fertilizer yet only seed the crop once every two months. Therefore, the manure storage business will be very beneficial business for you if you are considering starting a farming-related business.

You must first obtain a license from the government in order to start a fertilizer storage business, and only then can you launch one.

Because some farmers purchase fertilizer from government depots and others from the market, networking among farmers is crucial if you want to build a fertilizer storage company.

Therefore, you need to find such farmers who buy farmers from outside. Once these farmers begin purchasing fertilizers from you, they will spread the word about your company, which will help your business grow.


3. Trade in organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizer business is very important in agriculture, first, let’s say what organic fertilizer is. Organic fertilizers are produced using earthworms. And this kind of manure has been used for centuries in our beloved India, that is why the soil of our country is so fertile.

Nowadays people are earning millions per month from the organic fertilizer business, the most interesting thing is that this business does not require much investment. The earthworm you buy for the first time reproduces the earthworm and produces new earthworms.

You may combine the manure with earthworms if you like. This means that in this business there are two ways of profit, one is the sale of fertilizer made from earthworms and the other is the sale of earthworms.

If you want to start an organic manure business, you will have to undergo several months of training to learn how to produce this manure. If you’d want to learn how you may profit from the organic fertilizer industry and how people are making millions of dollars each month, watch the video below.


4. Production of mustard oil

Mustard oil is the most commonly used oil in Indian kitchens. Yes, the same mustard that was waving and whose field you must have occasionally taken photographs of. But do you know that you can earn millions per month by growing mustard which is very easy to grow?

A hot coffee press and a screw expeller are the two major types of equipment required to produce mustard oil, which can be extracted with ease.

Although this expenditure is one-time and you will continue to make money after it, the acquisition of this equipment can demand an investment of around 900000 USD.

You may either plant your own mustard or get the oil from others who grow it to manufacture this mustard oil. Believe me, this industry is all about making money.


5. Growing sunflowers

Friends, the better the sunflower flower looks, the better this business makes a profit. The sunflower crop, often known as a cash crop, is specifically grown for the manufacture of sunflower oil. Only sunflower oil comes out of this hard area in the heart of the flower, where it develops quite easily.

The amount of vitamin E in sunflower oil is very high, which also makes its price higher than other oils. Additionally, you may make a high profit by cultivating exclusively sunflowers. If you’d like, you can also build up a machine to extract sunflower oil and provide it with oil extraction from the flower which will increase your profit significantly.


6. Production of fodder for farm animals

Even today, cattle are used agriculturally in most villages in Pakistan, not only for farming but also for selling milk, farmers raise cattle. When cattle are working so hard, it is necessary to provide them with nutrition as well, which cannot be done by simply giving them grass.

Therefore, the cattle feed business is also very good, in which the profit is also very high, in this type of business, your customers will be not only farmers and small buyers, but you can also earn a lot of profit by selling feed for dairy farm owners.


7. Production of soybeans

Friends, if you are a farmer or are related to a farming family, then you must have heard about soybean farming because the demand for soybeans is increasing rapidly. The fact that soy has a lot of protein and that its seeds are in high order is the most intriguing aspect. Because individuals who workout or go to the gym consume it to become bloated. Even today, people eat bread made from soy flour.

Good soybean yield occurs when there is more heat. So, if you are thinking about starting a business in the field of soybean production, find out whether your situation and the conditions required for farming are available or not. Yes, farming soybeans can bring in a lot of money.


8. Growing corn

Even with little room, you can still produce this corn using this evergreen farming method. The most intriguing aspect is that you may get 2x to 4x profit from these beans. The demand for corn in the country and the world has increased a lot.

What we call corn lava, foreigners call popcorn. Where corn comes from Rs 5 to Rs 10, the same popcorn comes from Rs 40 to Rs 200. Only the name is different, but the demand has increased.

So, producing corn can help you make a significant profit. An interesting fact is that after the cultivation of corn when the crop is ready and the corn is threshed, the weeds that remain

The adage “the price of mango kernels is also good” is true since you can feed it to cattle and sell it if you don’t have any.


9. Production of fruit juices

Way Green vegetables are essential for our body, just like fruits or fruit juice are essential for our body. Even doctors and gym trainers recommend drinking it because the juice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

In such a situation, if you are doing a fruit juice business, then you will undoubtedly get profit in the business. Nowadays, almost all commonly consumed fruits are sold in juice, but there are still some fruits that you may sell for a healthy profit.

In the summer months, the demand for fruit juices increases so much that nowadays the supply of fruit juices like apple and mango is very strong, but sugarcane is one of the fruits with high demand but its supply is poor. This does not happen on the lining.

If you’d like, you may sell sugarcane juice in the same manner that fruit juices like mango and apple are packaged for sale.



Friends, if you do business other than agriculture, first of all, I salute you because you are a donor. Therefore, you should always be proud of yourself for giving people what no one can live without. However, even today in the village, my brothers and sisters google “Agriculture Business Ideas in Hindi”, so in the article, we have told more than 9 business ideas from our experience.

You may easily earn hundreds to millions of dollars each month with this method. And I also tried to answer your question, what kind of business can be done in agriculture. you can do any of these deals. However, it would be beneficial if you choose the company based on your interests.

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