Which is the most running business in villages |Top 12 business ideas for village in 2023

12  Business Ideas for Village

Hello friends, today you will know the most running business in the village. Because now the time has changed, now people do not want to go out of the village to work but want to do their own business in the village itself.

And why not, because when they go out, they can feed only 5 members of their family. But when he does his own business in his own village, he will be able to feed at least 5 families along with him.

In such a situation, there is a need to know which is the most-running business in the village. So that you too can do a good business running in the village, which has been explained in detail in this article.


Which is the most running business in the top 12 villages?

 Today we are going to tell you about the Top 12 Village Business Ideas in Hindi, which are very successful in the top 12 villages. Out of which you can select any one business according to your comfort. Because all this is the most running business in the village.


1. Business of selling fertilizers and seeds

Pakistan is an agricultural country where 65-70% of the population depends on agriculture. And most of the farmers live in the village only. But the farmer has to go from village to city to buy fertilizers and seeds. Because either good fertilizers and seeds are not available in the village or they are not available cheaply.

If you can stop the farmer from coming from the village to the city to buy fertilizers and seeds, it means that you can make the best fertilizers and seeds available to the farmers in the village itself. So this will be the best business for you.

The best thing about this business is that the farmer is given good fertilizers and seeds at the right price. So he will take it from you and will also do marketing for you for free. That’s why it can also be done as the most-running business in the village.


2. Poultry Farming Business

Poultry farming is done in two ways, one for eggs and the other for hens. And there is a lot of benefit in both ways. However, in today’s time, both chicken and egg are made. But you supply good quality eggs and chicken. Although your customers will be fewer the benefits will be huge.

Because a hen raised by giving a needle is definitely available cheaper. But with time people will understand how expensive this cheap hen has cost them. That’s why you should sell good quality chicken from the beginning.


4. Goat-rearing business

There are some works which are very difficult to do in the city like goat rearing. If it is a matter of one or two goats, then it can also be reared in the city, but if it is a matter of 25-50, then it is very difficult to rear them in the city. Because one would lack space and the other option would be very expensive.

But both these things will be available very easily in the village, so it is more beneficial to do work like goat rearing in the village. The demand for goats is also increasing with time. Especially on Eid each goat is sold for lakhs.

That’s why if you do the business of goat rearing in the village, then you will definitely benefit.


5. Business of labor contractor

You also agree that most of the people in the village are close. That’s why due to poverty, leaving agriculture, they have started migrating to the city to do wages. Where they sometimes get work and sometimes they don’t. Somehow, he manages his family by doing odd jobs.

Therefore, if you start the business as a labor contractor, then you will be able to help these laborers as well. Because there is a need for laborers in the city, especially in the factories. But the laborers do not have enough information to find the right job for themselves.

Therefore, if you do business as a labor contractor, then wherever there is a need for laborers, you will be able to give employment to the people of your village or nearby villages. This is a type of contractor business.


6. Salon and Beauty Parlor Business

Gone are the days when only city dwellers used to pay attention to their looks. Now the business of salons and beauty parlors also runs a lot in the village. Because everyone likes to look beautiful, this is a business that both boys and girls can do.

If there is a boy then he can open a salon and for a girl, the business of the parlor will be perfect. In the last few years, the business of showing beauty has grown a lot.

By the way, you can start the business of a parlor or salon by learning from anyone, but my advice would be that you should do a small course in this. There are many institutes where parlor and salon courses are done. Because once you take a course, you look professional.


7. Gym Center Business

Everyone has explained the coronavirus and what is the result of not being healthy. That’s why now everyone is conscious about their health. This awareness is not only in the city but also in the people of the village.

However, the people of the village do farming, due to which their body is already healthy. But it is everyone’s dream to have a curvy body, which can be achieved only in the gym. Because of this people like to go to the gym.

But even today there is no good gym available in the village. And if there is a gym then there are no good trainers in it. That’s why if you want, you can open a gym in the village.


8. Business of cold storage

 Most of the farmers live in the village and the biggest challenge for the farmers is to keep the grains safe, for which cold storage is required. Because farmers grow many such crops which if not kept properly, will rot like potatoes, onions, etc.

However, cold storage is also provided by the government, but cold storage facility is not available in every village. Due to this, the biggest problem is faced by the small farmers. Because they do not have any resources of their own where they can keep their grains safe.

Therefore, if the business of cold storage is done in the village, then it will work very well, in which you will be able to do business with small farmers to big farmers. However, for this business, you may have to invest up to 50 thousand in the beginning.


9. Online Work

Now the era is digital, so the work is also being done online. The biggest advantage of online work is that you can do the work sitting at your home. It does not matter whether you are from the village or the city because there are many such works for which you do not need to go anywhere. The most interesting thing is that in the last few years, people have earned crores by working online.

If you also want to earn crores by working online, then you have to master any one digital skill such as Blogging, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Graphic Designing, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

By learning any such digital skill, you can earn from thousand to crores a month. By learning such digital skills, you can work for yourself as well as for others.


10. Small Loan Business

The problem of money is a very big problem for the people living in the villages because there are not many banks in the villages and whatever happens, they do not want to give loans to the farmers. But everyone needs money.

The second worst problem is that the people of the village are not very educated, due to which they are afraid to take a loan from the bank. Even today, many farmers in the village think it is right to take loans from moneylenders only. While the moneylender gives money at double the interest that the bank.

Therefore, if you want to start the work of giving small loans in the village, based on the most running business. There is just a request that does not give loans on high interest and gives loans in small amounts. Once your business gets established, you can also give a large amount of interest.


11. Medical Store Business

The business of medical stores also runs a lot in the village. Because there is no hospital in the village, the villagers first go to the medical store in case of any problem. Even the people of the village call the compounder in the medical store a doctor.

Most of the people who run medical stores in the village do not have any degree. That’s why if you are going to open a medical store, then definitely take some degree, so that in future you do not have to face any kind of problem.

If you open a medical store in the village, no doubt it will work. The biggest thing is that the medical store owner gets a lot of respect in the village.


12. Organic Farming Business

Not only the hen is made to grow quickly by giving it a needle, but the crop is also made to grow quickly by putting chemicals in the field. Because of this, we do not get the dress element of the crop. People do this type of farming because it gives more profit.

But they forget that even if the profit from such crops is high. But after eating it, they go to the sick and then give that profit to the doctor. That’s why now slowly people have also started buying organic fruits and vegetables.

Meaning if you know farming then this is the right time to do organic farming. Because gradually its demand is increasing. And if you start farming without chemicals from now, then you will earn good profit in the coming days. In this type of farming, not only will you get profit, but you will also get self-satisfaction that you are making people’s lives better.



Today you have to know about the business that is running the most in the top 12 villages. I am sure that after reading this article, you will select a good business in the village. If you still have any questions in your mind, then definitely ask in the comment below, I will help you in every possible way.

Friends, I need a little help from you, share this article with your friends who want to do business. Thank you for reading this article to help as many people as possible.

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