How to start your own business

If you also want to start your own business. So this article has been written only for you. Because in this article, from how to start your own business to how to earn money from that business, things have been explained in detail. Therefore, if you read this article completely, then in the next 10-15 minutes you will have a complete roadmap, based on which you can start your business.

Friends, the time has gone when people used to give priority to government jobs only, but now people have understood that life can be lived only by government jobs. But to live openly you have to do business. Moreover, there is so much competition in government jobs that thousands of people are standing in line for a seat. Even the expert believes that if you give 5 years to any business, then it can fulfill all your dreams.


How to start your own business

If you want to start your own business and are unable to understand how to start your own business. For this, a total of 17 methods have been given below, based on which you can start your business.


1. Think about the business idea

Friends, if you also want to start a business and are unable to understand how to start your own business, then tell you that any business starts with a business IDEA. If you already have a business IDEA, then it is great, otherwise, you will have to choose a great business idea.

Is he unique

For now, let’s assume that you have a great business idea. Now you have to understand that the business you want to do is unique. If you can find such a business which no one has done till now. So first of all congratulations to you because you have got a jackpot in your hands and if there is a demand for your business IDE then in the next few years your business can make you a millionaire.

is that a copy

If you do not have such a unique business IDEA and do not understand which new business to do. Even then there is no need to worry, because in today’s time almost all types of business have been done, so nothing unique is left. Yes, you can do one thing that the business which is already running can be done uniquely. And to do it uniquely, you must have an interest in that business. Therefore, from the list of Business IDEA given below, choose a business in which you are interested.


2. Have a branded name for the business

I hope that you must have selected which is the best business for you. Now is the time to give a name to that business and research well while naming the business. Because everything will change in business with time, but nothing changes, it is the name, so do not be in a hurry while keeping the name.

While choosing the name keep some things in mind like

name must be unique

the name should be short

If it is a long name, keep its short form

The name should identify your business


3. Do paperwork for business

Before starting any business, there is a lot of question in the mind about the business and our mind is not that much inclined to find the answer to every question in the mind itself. That’s why you should write all the questions related to that business on paper and then find the answers to all the questions one by one. For this, you can take the help of Google and if possible, see the type of business you have and observe it.

Believe me, when you write all the questions related to your business on paper and find the answer, then you will become even more clear that how to do business. If still, you do not understand what to do in the paperwork, then write all the headings written in this article and answer them according to your business.


4. Create a demo product

If you want to start a business with a product that was not on the market till now. So first of all, some demo product should be made and after testing that demo product, take feedback, so that you can know whether the customers will like it or not. Because it will not cost much to make a demo product and it will also be known from the customer’s feedback whether your product will be sold or not.

However, in today’s time, almost all types of products are already available in the market, so if you want, you can do your own business by modifying existing products. Suppose you are making a product of Shoes, but the Shoe product is already in the market, yet new companies are coming into the market.


5. Testing your business or product

When your demo product is ready, then that product is tested and it is seen how it is performing. There are 2 ways to test the demo product, first offline and second online. If you can allow some people to use the sample of your product offline, then create a website to test it online and tell the complete details of your product on that website, what is it?

And what kind of problem does it solve? Also asked people to comment below whether they would like to buy this product. To make the website reach more and more people, you can run ads on your website from Google or social media.


6. Research the feedback and improve the product

Whatever type of business you want to start, you must take feedback from your customers. Because feedback is the only weapon with the help which your business will grow. Because what the world thinks about your business is more important than what your customers think. That’s why talk to your customer well, give them good service, and give them such an option, that they can go home and give feedback about your service and business.

It has often been seen that people ask for feedback on their business and service. But you don’t have to do this. Because most of the people praise in front, that praise is of no use to you. If you want the growth of your business, then try to know the truth, and people speak the truth only later.

It is true that later most people forget to give feedback, for this, you can send a reminder message. Even if not many people reply, those who do, are nectar to grow your business.


7. Prepare the Final Product

There is information about the business after product testing and taking feedback. Based on that, your final product should be launched in the market as soon as possible. First of all, you should sell your product only to those people who came to the website at the time of product testing.


8. Keep the minimum product at the beginning

Friends, most people do not even know how to start a business, because they start selling everything in the beginning itself. While the beginning of the business should be started with at least the product. Because in the beginning you also do not know whether that business will run or not, as well as there is a shortage of funds. If you have made a unique product, then at least start the business with the product itself.


9. Select the place for business

The correct location of any business depends on the nature of that business. If you are going to do manufacturing business where there is no direct contact with the customer. So much business can be opened in the side area because more space is available there in less rent. But if you are going to do such a business in which there is direct contact with the customer, then you should always start the business in a crowded place.

However, every business has its market, where that type of business is done, so if you do your business in the same market, then the chances of running the business increase. Because the customer comes to that market only to buy that kind of good. Your only job is to give good quality goods to the customer at the least possible price.


10. Get a license or permit for business

Friends, by now you have understood how to start a business, but before starting it is very important to get a license or permit. However, the kind of license that will be applied depends on the kind of business you are going to do.

But there are some common documents such as PAN card, GST number as well as clearance of the place where the business is to be started. Apart from this, whatever document will be required will depend on the nature of your business.


11. Keep staff as per requirement

The way a house is made is by mixing each brick, similarly, all the members contribute a lot to the business. In such a situation, when you keep a staff for your business, then keep it thoughtfully. Because direct or indirect he is also a partner of your business, if he does good work then you will be profitable and if he does not talk well with the customer then you will be at a loss.

Therefore, while keeping the staff for your business, take special care of some things like

He should know about your business

If there is a business dealing one to one with the customer, then its communication should be good.

And if manufacturing is a business then hard work should be worth it.

His house should be near where you are doing your business, otherwise, he will often come late for work.


12. Create a marketing strategy for your business

Marketing is the heart of any business and the heart should always beat well. This means no matter how good a product you are making, if people do not know then that product has no meaning. And people will know when you will market your product, that’s why we consider marketing as the heart of any business.

In today’s time marketing is done in 3 ways first online, second offline, and third oral marketing. You do the first and second but the third marketing is done by your customer and this happens when your product is either unique or wonderful.

However, most people how to start an online business or how to do online marketing, while doing online marketing is even easier. Because through this you can reach a maximum number of people at a low cost. Online marketing is also done in 2 ways, first by creating a website, you can run ads on it from Google and secondly, by creating an account on social media, you can run ads there too.

So the same traditional method which is being followed in offline marketing can be adopted like distributing pamphlets, putting up big hoardings, etc.


13. Pay special attention to the packing of your product

Friends, if you are thinking of doing any such business which needs packing. So you should pay special attention to the packing of your product. Use good quality material for packing the product. So that the customer will not only like your product but will also be happy to see the packing of your product.

Anyway, there is a saying the first impression is the last. That’s why this is a business tip from my side that you have to do attractive packing of your product.


14. Total investment in starting the business

Whenever someone thinks about business, only 2 questions come to his mind. First which business is the best and second how much investment will be required to do this business? That’s why when you think about business, then you should also think about the business investment. For this, write all the small and big expenses incurred in the business on a paper like

Shop/Office Rent

Interior designing cost

Business product cost

Transport cost (as per requirement)

staff expenses

furniture cost

your own expense

packing cost

Other Expenses (as required)

Today, in whatever state you are going to do business, write in the paper the amount spent on all these things in that state. When you make a list of all these expenses, then understand that half of your work is done. Because now you have come to know how much you have to invest to start your own business.

If you have that much investment then it is better, otherwise, you should take the help of an investor or bank. However, now the government is also running many schemes to promote business. Through this scheme, you can take a loan for your business.


15. Profit in business

Finally, now we have come to our point because the main objective of any business is to earn money. Otherwise, a government job is many times better than a business because it has security. But there is freedom in business and for this freedom maybe you are also searching on Google how to start your own business.

However, how much profit will be in the business depends on the kind of business you are going to do, if you are going to do business with physical products, then there will be less profit in it and if you are going to do business of digital product, then the profit will be more. Because it costs only once to make a digital product like any software, online course, mobile application, etc.

Once it becomes a digital product, after that it has to be spent only on its marketing. However, it is not that there is more profit in digital products only, but in physical products also the profit is not less. Physical products like mobile, laptops, shirts, shoes, etc.

Even though the margin is less in this, the demand is very high, so there is profit in all types of business. That’s why it is important that what kind of business you are going to do and how many ways money can be earned in it, research it.


17. Risk in business

Friends, above you know how to start your own business and what is required to do any business, all the things have been explained in detail. By following this you can start any type of business and can also grow that business.

As we all know that there is power in business that can fulfill all your dreams, but the dark truth is that there is a lot of risk in every business.

Even more than 50% of startups get closed within 5 years of their inception. Therefore, before starting your own business, understand all the risks involved in that business very well, and be prepared in advance for the upcoming challenges. Then whatever will be yours and all your dreams will also be fulfilled.



Friends, in this article you know how to start your own business. If you follow the total 17 methods mentioned in this article, then I am sure that by starting any type of business, you can make it profitable. If still you do not understand any question or something, then definitely ask by commenting below, we will try to answer your every question.

Just a small request to you please share this article with your friends so that more and more people can be helped, thanks for reading till the end.

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