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Which business to do in Rs. 10000

In this business list, different types of business ideas have been mentioned such as goods business, service business, online business, manufacturing business and farming business. Therefore, I am sure that one or the other business idea from these will be perfect for you.

 However, apart from the business that can be done for Rs. 10000, there are some business ideas which will not cost even Rs. 1 directly, so let us understand them all in detail one by one.

goods business 

Goods means a commodity and in this type of business the customer gives you money and in return for that money you give him some goods like grocery shop etc. So let us see one by one which business to do in Rs. 10000.

1.Grocery shop business

Generally, kitchen items are sold in grocery stores, hence this business can be done from home also. This business can be done even with less equipment in the locality. Therefore, if you have an investment of less than Rs. 10000 then you can open a grocery shop. The special thing about a grocery shop is that you will start getting customers from the very first day.

2.Egg selling business

There is a saying, “Be it Sunday or Monday, eat eggs every day” and this is also true because most of the people eat eggs every day. Even now, some individuals classify eggs as fruits rather than vegetables. Whatever it may be, it does not matter what people believe about it, because the number of people who eat eggs is very high.

Therefore, you can also start egg business. Because this business does not require much fuss, this business can be started with an investment of less than Rs. 10,000. If you want, you can also start this business from your locality.

3.Fruit selling business

 It is very important to consume fruits as part of a balanced diet, hence most people consume some or the other fruit every day. On top of that, in our beloved Pakistan there is some festival or the other 365 days in which fruits are also important. Most individuals purchase fruits every day for this reason. In such a situation, if you are thinking what business to do in Rs 10000 then you can do fruit business.

However, it is up to you to decide what type of fruit business you will run. Because some or the other fruit is sold more in every city, hence you should do business of the fruit which is sold more in your city. Whatever fruit you are going to do business with, you can buy it from the fruit market of your city and sell it.

4.Business of selling vegetables

 Different types of vegetables are prepared every day in all of our homes because vegetables contain a lot of nutrients. That’s why most people eat it every day. The best thing is that most of the people buy it daily, otherwise the vegetable gets spoiled after 2-4 days. Because it is bought every day, if you want, you can also do business of selling vegetables. A small amount of money is also needed for this business.

Because you have to buy only as much vegetables as you can sell, otherwise the remaining vegetables will get spoiled. If you are going to start a vegetable business, then pay special attention to one thing that whatever vegetable is left at the end of every day, sell it cheaply.

5.Pani Puri business

 Hearing the name of Panipuri, people’s mouth waters, especially girls are crazy about Panipuri. Meaning, if you make tasty Pani Puri, many customers will become daily eaters. Anyway, eating Panipuri neither fills the stomach nor fills the heart. But the food tastes great, that’s why people eat it every day.

In such a situation, if you were also wondering what business to do in Rs 10000, then you can start the business of Panipuri. To start the business of Panipuri, first of all you will have to learn to make Pani Puri and its masala, for this work you can take the help of the women of your house. Also, we will have to find a place where more and more people come.

6.Dairy goods business

 Dairy product: Milk is consumed in every house, whether it is used for eating or making tea. You can start a milk company in this case if you wish to launch a business with less capital. However, the margin in milk is low, hence milk related products should also be sold like milk, curd, ghee, peda, lassi etc.

7.Tea snack business

 Due to lack of time or laziness, most people have tea and breakfast outside. With this, people do not have to spend much and get delicious tea and breakfast without any effort. As a result, the client and the merchant both profit. Therefore, you can also start the business of tea and snacks. To start this business, you will have to find a place where more and more people come. Wherever you open a small shop, that will also work.

Starting a tea-snack business on a small scale does not require much investment. If you want, you can start a business of just tea or just breakfast. But before starting anything, learn to make it, because the taste of your tea and breakfast will bring the customer back again. For breakfast, you can make Puri-Kachori, Samosa-Chutney, Litti-Chokha, Chhola Bhatoor or any famous breakfast of your city.

8.Tiffin Service

 This business is especially for women. Therefore, if a woman is thinking about which business to do with Rs. 10,000, then she can do tiffin business. Because women have magic in their hands, whatever food they prepare, it tastes better. That’s why mostly women do tiffin business.

 In this business, your customers will be those people who do not have time to cook like bachelors or students who work or study outside the home. Therefore, if your house is in a city where people come to study or work, then this business will give you profit from the first day.

 Tiffin service business can also be started with very little investment because the cooking ingredients are already available at home, you just have to buy some tiffins.

9. Recharge business

However, the majority of individuals just use their mobile devices to recharge their phones. But there are still many people who do not know how to recharge by themselves and they get their phones recharged by going to mobile recharge shops. In such a situation, if you are thinking about which business to do in Rs 10000, then you can start the business of mobile recharge.

The most special thing about Pakistan is that when you recharge through the net, you often get cashback. Meaning you will earn money and also earn bonus. To start this business, you can start the work by connecting to the most used mobile network.

10.Photocopy business

 Even though the era is becoming digital, photocopying is still used in most places. Photocopy is especially used in places like school, college, office. The most interesting thing is that you do not need much investment to start a photocopying business. Meaning, you can start your business with a printer of Rs. 5000-Rs. 10000 and then as soon as you get profit, buy a bigger machine.

11. Foot-plant business

 There was a time when there was greenery all around. But that greenery is now seen only in the zoo. However, that greenery is still there in villages and small towns. But still people like to plant trees in their homes. And you can make this choice a source of your business. Therefore, if you also had in your mind what business to do in Rs 10000, then you can do it.

To start this business, first of all you will have to do market research to find out what kind of plants people like to plant in their homes. You will know this in the nurseries from where people buy such plants. And then you can buy that kind of plant for Rs 10,000 and sell it in the colony.

12.Personalized gift business

If you want to convince someone who is angry then give him a gift and see how a smile appears on his face. Therefore, every kind of gift is available in the market which you can give to your loved ones. Be it male, female or any category of people, because thousands of gifts are available for all categories of people.

But since all of those presents are already manufactured, there is an issue since you cannot add your own personalization to them. Because every person’s preferences are different, in such a situation if someone makes you a gift which your loved ones like. Then the happiness on the face of the person receiving it will increase manifold.

That’s why people want to give personalized gifts to their loved ones, in such a situation, if you also have creativity then you can also do this business. There is no need of much investment to start this business.

13.Personalized Gift Basket Services

Just as personalized gifts are made as per the choice of the people, in the same way the business of Personalized Gift Basket Services can also be done. This business has a notion that is a little different. In which the customer can make a basket of almost all the things of his choice to whomever he wants to send a gift. Therefore, this can also be adopted as which business to do in Rs 10000 .

Because a person likes different things but everything is not available at one place. Therefore, you can help people so that they can complete their basket. This business can also be started within Rs 10000.

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service business 

Service business includes such businesses in which customers do not get hand-to-hand products in exchange for money. Rather, the product itself is returned to the customer by modifying it or adding something else to it. This type of business is called service business.

However, in most of the service businesses, there is no direct expenditure of ₹ 1, rather your experience is required to do this business. So let’s see which business to do in Rs 10000. 

1.Resume Writing Services

 When someone goes to work in a private company, the first thing they ask for is a resume, in which the complete biodata of the candidate is written. But most of the people do not know how to make an attractive resume. In such a situation, if you want, you can help those people. Which can become your source of income.

Although resume can be made from mobile also, but if you have a laptop or computer then you can also do work like filling the form along with the resume.

2.Home Cleaning Services

 If you know some people who do house cleaning work. So you can start home cleaning business by taking them along. Because everyone, from middle class to upper class, needs housecleaners. But times are very bad so not everyone can be trusted.

That’s why most people hire cleaning staff through an agency. Due to which the chances of finding trend and honest people increases. In such a situation, if you are also thinking about which business to do in Rs 10,000, then you can start this business.

3.Dog Walking Services

Keeping pets like dog and cat has now become a common thing. However, pet animals are not given that much value in the village. But in small and big cities, people consider pets as members of their family. And spend more on their care than humans. He is even taken for a walk every day. But most people in cities do not have that much time to take them out for a walk. That’s why they need people who can take their pets for a walk from time to time.

In such a situation, if you are fond of dogs then you can take them for a walk. For this, all of you will have to go to the colony and meet those people who have pets but do not have time to walk them. Although people will not trust you in the beginning, but gradually you will start getting work. The most interesting thing is that in this you do not have to work for 24 hours, you just have to roam for 1 to ½ hour.

Meaning you can work with many customers in a day. Once people start getting to know you, you can gradually start your own company by attracting some more people, which can be started in less than Rs 10,000. Therefore, you can also include this business in the list of which business to do in Rs 10000.

4.Other service business

  • Food Delivery Services
  • Home Renovation Services
  • sewing business
  • laundry business
  • bicycle repairing business
  • Car/Bike Washing Business
  • business of dressing women
  • gift packing business
  • Coaching/ tuition business
  • beauty parlor business

skilled business 

  • Legal Consultancy Services
  • Financial Planning Services
  • Logo Design Services
  • Translation Services
  • fitness training
  • voice over services
  • Computer Repairing Services
  • Home Decoration and Furnishing
  • Personal Stylist Services
  • Audio and Video Editing Services
  • Marketing Consultancy Services

online business 

  • Graphic Design Service
  • social media management
  • affiliate marketing
  • dropshipping
  • website development 
  • Mobile App Development
  • freelance writing
  • online art gallery
  • Online Bookkeeping Services
  • Online Store for Second Hand Items
  • E-commerce store
  • youtube
  • blogging

Farming Business Ideas

  • goat farming business 
  • Mushroom Farming Business
  • poultry farm business

Tips to grow business

Any business from the list of businesses above can be started at your convenience. However, starting is not enough but the business also has to grow. And to grow any business, proper strategy is needed such as

  • Understanding target market in business
  • Creating the Right Business Structure
  • Making a road map for business
  • business branding
  • marketing the business
  • Do business both offline and online if at all possible.


 Friends, by now you know which business to do in ₹ 10000. Which includes different types of business like goods business, service business, skill business, online business, farming business. I am sure that one or the other business idea from these will be best for you.

 Although all the businesses have been described in brief in this, but if you want to know more details about any business then you can ask by commenting below, we will try to help you in every possible way. Thanks for reading the complete article.

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